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Katie Paterson (b. 1981, Glasgow, GB) is widely regarded as one of the most talented artists of her generation. At the heart of her practice is the examination of the relationship of human beings to the universe in terms of both time and space. Focusing on the themes of ecology, geology and cosmology, underpinned by collaborations with leading scientists as well as writers, astronomers, nanotechnologists and musicians, Paterson employs a conceptual approach to the poetic treatment of existential ideas. Her work includes a map documenting the locations of 27,000 dead stars known to humanity; a meteorite that has been cast, melted, re-cast and launched back into space; a string of fossils, individually selected from all corners of the globe and then carved into spherical beads; a perfumed candle based on information from astronauts concerning the smells emanating from planets and space; and a haunting recording of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata reflected from the moon’s surface via radio transmission.

Katie Paterson‘s largest solo exhibition to date, her presentation at CentrePasquArt will include the major works of her ten year career, as well as several new pieces made in 2016.


KATIE PATERSON Ausstellungsansicht / vue d’exposition / exhibition view Salle Poma, CentrePasquArt 2016, Foto / photo: Julie Lovens

Katie Paterson, Ausstellungsansichten / vues d’exposition / exhibition views Kunsthaus Centre d’art Pasquart 2017
Courtesy the artist
Fotos / Photos: Julie Lovens