Commenting on art

The activity «Commenting on art» lends more weight to the visitor’s voice than a few lines in the guest book. After several visits the invited group expresses reactions, questions and ideas surrounding an exhibit through words, images or sounds , to share with the rest of the public. These different perspectives enrich museum visits for everyone.


In 2020 «Commenting on art» invited dancers on the exhibition de France-Lise McGurn. The result of the project is displayed as an enriching addition to the exhibition.

Flyer Commenting on art 2020


Making art

«Making art» offers individuals, but also groups, the opportunity to experience an exhibit from a practical point of view, by experimenting with and learning about an artistic technique. Visiting an exhibit will be enhanced by a practical activity, involving the senses. Thus, different facets of the artistic experience are introduced and the visit becomes a memorable event, also for those who might feel hesitant about engaging with contemporary art.

This year’s “Making Art” on 5.11.2020 unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the closing of the Kunsthaus.

Flyer Making art 2020

Kunstimpulse / Élan d’art

Every year we invite three small groups of senior citizens from institutions such as day centres or old people’s homes to the Kunsthaus Pasquart for the project «Kunstimpulse». The project consists of 5 meetings, where the group discusses the current exhibition and gets creative in the studio.

Thanks to sponsorship, the project is fully financed.


We are pleased to welcome the first group for the project from the Day Centre of the City of Biel in October and November 2020.

On-going programme

Groups of every kind can at any time book tours and workshops that explore the Art Centre. There is a choice of different workshops permanently available, while we are happy to respond to your individual requests and needs, depending on the exhibition.


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Public tours

Accompanied by an art historian or the Art Centre Director personally, you are given in an hour-long tour an overview of the current exhibitions. Supported by background information our observation of the work opens new ways of looking at individual pieces and enriches your experience of art.

Current information

Artist talks

A unique opportunity to meet the exhibiting artists personally and, through listening to and talking with them, to see their art in a new light.

Cultural events

Readings, concerts, dance performances and other cultural events enrich the exhibitions programme of visual art in the Art Centre Pasquart.