Mission Statement

In accordance with the founding document, the Centre Pasquart Foundation has a double function:

1. Creation of the Centre Pasquart infrastructure

  • We are a reliable and interested partner of the Art Centre Pasquart, the Art Association, the Filmpodium, the Photoforum and the Visarte Association
  • We enable the synergising effect of various cultural activities in the building
  • We organise collaborative events in order to demonstrate externally the variety within the building
  • Our involvement in the finances and the development of our resources are important aspects of our work


2. Responsibility for and running of the Art Centre

  • We are a lively Art Centre that through a variety of activities appeals to many different senses
  • We offer a forum for exchange between artists and the public
  • We appeal to various target groups through a wide variety of high quality and attractive exhibitions and events
  • In our various activities we are dedicated to the contemporary
  • However, in our role as interpreters of contemporary art we take into account the art historical dimension
  • The different cultures of the two language areas are equally represented
  • A multicultural perspective is important to us
  • The unique architecture of our building commits us to quality
  • The artists with whom we make exhibitions in our building, the people who visit our exhibitions and events, those who organise events in our organisation and all those who work in and are involved in our building experience it as hospitable, dynamic and competent