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Die Wolfslaterne


Known for her expressive, fantastical visual worlds, Klodin Erb (b. 1963, Switzerland) plumbs the limits of painting and simultaneously questions definitions of gender and identity. The alienation of images from their original contexts and playful interpretations of classical genres, styles and motifs characterise her gestural figurative works. These are mostly produced in series. In her attempts to connect topicality with timelessness in her paintings, Erb borrows from art history and samples motifs from the contemporary world, using various techniques. She places less emphasis here on representation as on the process of painting, which should be autonomous and through brushstrokes and colour generate the pictorial object as a form of materialisation. The rooms in the exhibition follow a structured sequence. On the theme of movement new works are placed in relationship to paintings from the last five years, to the point at which they are finally freed from the canvas and culminate in a moving play of shadow and film to become immaterial.


Klodin Erb, Die Wolfslaterne, 2017, Öl auf Leinwand / huile sur toile, Detail / détail, 130 x 100 cm; Courtesy: Lullin + Ferrari, Zürich; Foto / Photo: Stefan Altenburger