Lade Veranstaltungen



Opening: Saturday 6.7.2019, 17:00

Within Céline Condorelli’s practice (*1974, FR/IT), scenographic elements are used to create installations, sculptures and performances, a process that shifts between art, space and architecture. She thus puts the gallery space and the conventions of making exhibitions on display, revealed to be hidden guides that condition and direct how one sees and moves within exhibition spaces. In this way the artist reveals the function of display, and asks us to reflect on notions of value, visibility, communication or manipulation.

Céline Condorelli, White Gold, 2012, cotton curtain (100%), digital print (100%), 380 × 1550 cm; Additionals, Structure for Communicating with Wind, 2012, metallized rescue blanket, curtain tape , 400 × 3200 cm, Courtesy the artist, Hangar Bicocca, Milan, 2015; photo: Jacopo Rinaldi