Daniel Zimmermann – The 10 Swiss rites

The 10 Swiss rites wish to increase the sense of well-being in Switzerland by transforming typical national activities into a series of exercises. These are related to the 5 Tibetans and 8 Chinese and consist of ten well-being exercises – from crossbow shooting to customs control.

You can practise the 10 Swiss rites at home or at work, before breakfast or going to sleep, alone or in a group. The 10 Swiss people has an effect in its totality – among other things, on breathing, inner balance, organs, mobility and muscles.
If individual exercises are carried out only briefly – two or three times – they stimulate and build up. If on the other hand they are carried out regularly – seven times or more – they have a meditative and harmonising effect.
If not otherwise stated, the term breathing always means passive breathing. Let your breathing come and go, without forcing it.
Do not over-exert yourself. Go only as far with the exercises as you still feel comfortable with.
In order to experience the beneficial effect of the 10 Swiss rites, it is recommended that the exercises are carried out regularly.

We hope you enjoy them.

A project by Daniel Zimmermann.

From 27.4.-8.5.2020 every day from Monday to Friday at 7:30 am on:

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9. Flag swinging

The Kopel duo, father and son, the oldest and youngest Swiss champion flag swingers, in front of the Palais des Nations

8. Customs check

Giancarla Fibbioli and Sergio Barella having their Swiss passports checked at the border control on the Chiasso-Strada

7. Silver disc swinging

Bruno Dörig, director of the Appenzell Cantonal Bank, with Jakob Koller, general manager and client advisor, and Markus Inauen, private client advisor, in the vault

6. Cheese-making

Nicolas Riffieux and Raphaël Jaquet, cheese-makers from the open cheese dairy in Gruyère

5. Hornussen (game with a hard rubber disc)

Jürg Eggimann, Hornus player from Zuchwil, federal hitter king 1997 and 2000

4. Playing the alpine horn

Heinz Balmer, alpine horn player, plays the „Grindelwaldner“ in front of an observatory on the Jungfraujoch

3. Frying up

Daniel Dunkel and family, chief reporter of „Swiss Family“, in front of the open fire place of the same name in Davos-Laret

2. Hiking

Adolf Ogi, former Federal President and special representatives of the UN Organisation for Sport with Bruno Jelk, head of the rescue service in Zermatt, in front of the Matterhorn

1. Crossbow shooting

Wilhelm Tell and his son Walterli in Altdorf, by Richard Kissling, 1895