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Cantonale Berne Jura 2020 – The works with image and text

Discover the exhibition here! A TEMPORARY ALLIANCE, Bastien Aubry, Sylvie Aubry, Stéphanie Baechler, Linus Baumeler, Cécile Baumgartner Vizkelety, Karin Borer, Nicolle Bussien, Livio Casanova, Lara Dâmaso, Remy Erismann, Edith Flückiger, Gabriel Flückiger, Leolie Greet, Floyd Grimm, Laurent Güdel, Simone Haug, Géraldine Honauer, Jeanne Jacob, Lea Krebs, Vanessa Kunz, Daniel Kurth, Raphael Loosli & Arnaud [...]


A TEMPORARY ALLIANCE Toward Bodies (Collaboration), 2020 Performance on 7.1.2021 How can we be close to each other? Beyond the current circumstances and social distancing, A TEMPORARY ALLIANCE, consisting of Eva Marzi (*1985), Cassiane Pfund (*1993), Lucile Pochon (*1994), Ines Schärer (*1987) and Jeanne Spaeter (*1993) wants to question and embody the different ways [...]

Bastien Aubry

Bastien Aubry (*1974, lives and works in Zurich) From the Forever Whatever series Effort budgétaire, 2017 Wood, acrylic, UV-cured print, inkjet print, starch-based adhesive, 100 x 125 x 4 cm On en a une, 2019 Paper, acrylic, inkjet print, adhesive, 70 x 50 x 3 cm Oben links in der Mitte, 2017 Wood, acrylic, [...]

Sylvie Aubry

Sylvie Aubry (*1952, lives and works in Le Noirmont) correspondance, mars – juin 2020 Watercolour on paper, each 21 x 29,7 cm Sylvie Aubry presents correspondance, a series of watercolour illustrations created during the lockdown. Between March and June 2020, Gilles F. Jobin decided to send emails with poems by James Sacré to people [...]

Stéphanie Baechler

Stéphanie Baechler (*1983, lives and works in Bern and Amsterdam) Iso I & IIII, 2019 Ceramics, acrylic, plaster, alumnium, each 39 x 53 cm Intarsia I & II, 2019 Ceramics, porcelain, each 24 x 34 cm In an effort to present her creative process in a transparent and open way, Stéphanie Baechler considers the [...]

Linus Baumeler

Linus Baumeler (*1992, lives and works in Biel) Let’s call it a day, 2020 Chalk on wall, variable dimensions Linus Baumeler creates spontaneous drawings, enriching his repertoire with unmediated thoughts as well as observations and sketches made on the spot. For the Cantonale, the artist produces the new large-format drawing Let's call it a [...]

Cécile Baumgartner Vizkelety

Cécile Baumgartner Vizkelety (*1997, lives and works in Biel) mm, 2020 Latex on plastic, variable dimensions Look at the sea, see how she looks at you looking at her, 2020 Latex on plastic, variable dimensions Inspired by the ceiling paintings of the Italian Renaissance, Cécile Baumgartner Vizkelety references satellite images of the oceans and [...]

Karin Borer

Karin Borer (*1981, lives and works in Basel) PROPS, 2020 Video loops, Prop 1: 2'48''; Prop 2: 3'17''; Prop 3: 3'29'' Karin Borer's interest is in the relationship between people and the impact of their actions on the environment. In the three independent video loops PROPS, the artist uses excerpts from film archive material [...]

Nicolle Bussien

Nicolle Bussien (*1991, lives and works in Bern) Inside Out, 2020 HD-Video, 16:9, Stereo, 6'15'' The feminist video essay Inside Out deals with the question of the relationship with the viewers and shows scenes of female masturbation in a short film. In her exploration of intimacy and sexuality, Nicolle Bussien repeatedly changes approach and [...]

Livio Casanova

Livio Casanova (*1989, lives and works in Bern) Floaty (Satellite), 2020 Textile, textile paint, each 80 x 120 cm Livio Casanova works on and with textiles. The drawing line as well as the landscape image remain important components, but are reduced to a minimum. In the three works Floaty (Satellite), the floating line, which [...]