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For #artisttakeover an artist of the exhibition Cantonale Berne Jura takes over the Instagram account of Kunsthaus Pasquart for 24 hours and uses it to show their own artistic creativity, the working process in the studio or new pieces; to focus on materials or methods or to share their reflections. The artist is free to choose the content. The format offers a lively and more personal perspective for the audience to experience an artist’s practice. For the artists, it provides a means to present their work independently of a physical location and to curate it themselves.

21.1.2021 Lara Dâmaso
23.1.2021 Remy Erismann
25.1.2021 Alan Sahin
27.1.2021 Nicolle Bussien
29.1.2021 Gabriel Flückiger
31.1.2021 Robin Mettler
2.2.2021 Stéphanie Baechler
4.2.2021 Ernestyna Orlowska
6.2.2021 Karen A. Moser
10.2.2021 LULU & WHISKEY
12.2.2021 Vanessa Kunz
14.2.2021 Livio Casanova
16.2.2021 Alizé Rose-May Monod
18.2.2021 Simone Haug
20.2.2021 A temporary Alliance
22.2.2021 Lea Luzifer
24.2.2021 Susanne Muller
26.2.2021 Julia Steiner
28.2.2021 Nina Rieben
2.3.2021 Laurent Güdel
4.3.2021 Monod_Marcus
8.3.2021 Cécile Baumgartner
10.3.2021 Jeanne Jacob
12.3.2021 Nico Müller
14.3.2021 Floyd Grimm
16.3.2021 Linus Baumeler
18.3.2021 Vera Trachsel
22.3.2021 Lara Wedekind
24.3.2021 Lea Krebs
26.3.2021 Leolie Greet
28.3.2021 Daniel Kurth
30.3.2021 Karin Borer
1.4.2021 Géraldine Honauer

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