The Kunsthaus is closed until further notice and our events can not take place. That’s why we provide some of them online for you here:

Thursdays! Literature & apéritif

On four Thursday evenings the Kunsthaus will host an event at which artists of a different artistic genre will react to the current exhibitions. Because the Kunsthaus is closed until further notice, we will bring the first event digitally to your home.

The three students Anina Schärer, Sébastien Armure and Paul Castellano of the Swiss Literature Institute are reacting to the exhibitions of Kapwani Kiwanga and Daniel Zimmermann with a reading of their texts. The audio recordings were recorded in their home offices.

Visit the current exhibitions digitally:


2 February17 May


2 February17 May

Art education for download

In this unique situation, in which we are all together, the art education department of Kunsthaus Pasquart offers parents and their children as well as teachers and their pupils «art education for download»!

My home as a place of exploration consists of individual order sheets – each sheet contains an exercise, a suggestion or an idea to rediscover one’s own home with all the senses. Equipped with pencil and paper, the aim is to awaken the desire to look and describe precisely and finally to create a collection of memories of this special time at home.

Download here! (F)
Download here! (D)
(Actually pages 1-6 available)

Annual programme 2020