The Cantonale will reopen on 3.3.2021.

Aeschlimann Corti Grant 2020


As the exhibition could not take place, the AC grant holders were portrayed in video clips.

Video portrait KEVIN AESCHBACHER main grant 2020

Video portrait GIL PELLATON main grant 2020

Video portrait MAYA HOTTAREK support grant 2020

Video portrait DANIEL KURTH support grant 2020

We celebrate 30 years of Kunsthaus Pasquart!

Film by Nils Hedinger

In 2020, the Kunsthaus Pasquart celebrates its 30th anniversary with 30 special events. Throughout the year, activities and interventions are organised such as special dinners in the exhibition rooms, behind-the-scenes glimpses, personalised encounters with the works in the collection, performances and actions as well as the Kunsthaus’ presence in other locations in Biel. Watch this space!