Annual Programme 2016



Clare Goodwin’s geometric-abstract paintings and Esther van der Bie’s photographs, videos and installations concerning various aspects of nature are the two solo exhibitions that kick off the year 2016.

The exhibition Aeschlimann Corti Award places the focus on the selected works, as well as those granted awards, of the competition in 2016. At the same time a part of the 20th Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography will be shown in the Kunsthaus and a site-specific video installation by Aernout Mik will be presented.

In the summer selected works from the Kunsthaus CentrePasquArt collection and the Art Collection of the City of Biel will be shown in relationship to each other in the exhibition Mon art à moi (My Art). The parallel exhibition by Tina Schulz questions the interplay between image, language and architecture.

The two autumn exhibitions explore existential subjects such as time and the visualisation of the invisible. While Susan Morris translates her activities into drawings and carpets, Katie Paterson investigates various aspects of the cosmos in collaboration with scientists.

For the sixth time the year will end with the Cantonale Berne Jura.

We’re looking forward to an eventful year of art and are pleased to be able to offer you extended opening hours from 2016.


On behalf of all in the Kunsthaus Team

Felicity Lunn

Director Kunsthaus CentrePasquArt Biel 


Clare Goodwin
Constructive Nostalgia

31 01 - 10 04 2016

Opening: Sa 30 01 2016, 5pm


Known primarily as a painter, Clare Goodwin (*1973, GB) makes formally precise, rigorously geometric compositions. The notion of a collective history is reduced in her paintings and spatial interventions to line and pattern.


Clare Goodwin, James, 2015 (Ausschnitt / détail)


Esther van der Bie

31 01 - 10 04 2016

Opening: Sa 30 01 2016, 5pm

The relationship of human beings to nature and the resulting ideologies refer to aspects such as dependency, the desire for control, well-being or healing. Through photographs, videos and installations Esther van der Bie (*1962, CH) questions ethical attitudes and ecological phenomena.


Esther van der Bie, Die Rückeroberung, 2009 - 2015


Aeschlimann Corti Award

24 04 - 12 06 2016

Opening: Sa 23 04 2016, 5pm

The Aeschlimann Corti award, given by the Bern Art Society and advertised annually, is the largest private art prize in the Canton of Bern. A professional jury will make awards to one or more artists in the exhibition.


Aeschlimann Corti-Stipendium, 2015, Kunstmuseum Thun
Foto / Photo: David Aebi


20th Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography

30 04 – 12 06 2016

Opening: Fr / ve, 29 04 2016, 6pm

Dedicated to outstanding Swiss and international photography, the 20th anniversary of the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography is marked by numerous collaborations, notably with the Kunsthaus CentrePasquArt and the PhotoforumPasquArt.


Maia Gusberti, Options for Walls, 2013 (fortlaufend / en cours), PhotoforumPasquArt
Foto / Photo: Baptiste Schmitt


Aernout Mik

30 04 – 12 06 2016

Opening: Fr / ve, 29 04 2016, 6pm

Based on the consequences of the nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima, Aernout Mik (*1962, NL) shows via a walk-in video installation how human achievements are on the point of breaking up. The loss of ecological and economic control are symptomatic of this.


Aernout Mik, Cardboard Walls, 2013, BAK, Utrecht
Foto / Photo: Gert-Jan van Rooij


Diploma Exhibition MA CAP

17 06 – 21 06 2016

Opening: Do / je 16 06 2016, 6pm

The Masters Degree course in Contemporary Arts Practice at the University of the Arts Bern presents for the fifth time in collaboration with the Kunsthaus CentrePasquArt the students’ degree show.


Diplomausstellung MA CAP, 2015, CentrePasquArt Kunsthaus Centre d‘art
Foto / Photo: Sebastien Verdon


Mon art à moi (My art)

03 07 – 28 08 2016

Opening: Sa 02 07 2016, 5pm


Love stories – an exhibition with selected works from the Collection of the Kunsthaus CentrePasquArt and the Art Collection of the City of Biel.


Dexter Dalwood, Half Moon Street, 2012
Foto / Photo: Dave Morgan


Tina Schulz

03 07 – 28 08 2016

Opening: Sa 02 07 2016, 5pm

In the tension between image and language Tina Schulz (*1975, D) questions society’s fields of action through drawings and installations. The starting point for her work are cultural codes, worlds of images and architecture and their influence on people.


Tina Schulz, Soft Facts, 2013 – 2015


Susan Morris

11 09 – 20 11 2016


Opening: Sa 10 09 2016, 5pm

Susan Morris’ (*1962, GB) drawings and tapestries are based on data converted into abstract line or graphic display. They explore the idea of the self-portrait as a record of the involuntary movements of the body, rather than as an image of external appearance.


Susan Morris, SunDial:NightWatch_Sleep/Wake 2010-2014 (MLS Version), 2015
Foto / Photo: Stephen White



Katie Paterson

11 09 – 20 11 2016


Opening: Sa 10 09 2016, 5pm

The multi-faceted work of Katie Paterson (*1981, GB) channels the knowledge of geology, astronomy and ecology into a dreamlike, poetic understanding. Her works invite us to explore material and life, the cosmos and time.



Katie Paterson, Fossil Necklace, 2013, FRAC, Besançon
Foto / Photo: Blaise Adilon


Cantonale Berne Jura

04 12 2016 – 15 01 2017

Opening: Sa 03 12 2016, 5pm

Organised in collaboration with the Kunstverein Biel, the inter-cantonal group exhibition focuses on the practices of regional artists. A professional jury makes a selection of work that give insight into current artistic tendencies.


Cantonale Berne Jura, 2015, CentrePasquArt Kunsthaus Centre d‘art
Foto / Photo: Patrick Christe, GFF Biel / Bienne


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